How Unique Business Plans Helps to Secure Funds Through Effective Business Plans

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How Unique Business Plans Helps to Secure Funds Through Effective Business Plans

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Unique Business Plans opened its doors for the first time back in 2008. With over a decade of excellence under the leadership of Co.Owner & Business Consultant Michael Joubert, the company has developed hundreds of custom business plans for entrepreneurs and existing firms.

Everyone from entrepreneurs wanting business plans for liquor stores to investors in fuel forecourts make use of our expertise to help them create business plans for investment, loan application, due diligence, and planning purposes.

With a demand for more affordable business plans, custom-created to meet client and industry requirements, Unique Business Plans fills a much-needed gap in the market. Our service offering is affordable, yet comprehensive. Regardless of where clients are located, they benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience base.

Franchisors, national corporations, and, especially, small start-ups benefit from the Unique Business Plans range of services in South Africa. Our focus is the provision of bankable and well-researched business plans that are incontestable with the inclusion of all the essential elements needed.

Our customer satisfaction rate of over 97% is indicative of the quality clients can expect when they make use of our team. The custom business plans prepared by our highly qualified and exceptionally experienced team include financial forecasts for five years, narrative charts, desktop market research, and industry standard layouts. We have experience with the creation of such plans for over 125 industries in the country, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of client and industry requirements.

These business plans are suitable for:

  • Securing retail space.
  • Attracting investment funding.
  • Supporting tender applications.
  • Applying for business loans.
  • Developing new businesses.
  • Selling existing businesses.

A workable business plan is also a marketing vehicle in addition to being the blueprint for potential venture success. To this end, compromising on the content, presentation, layout, and accuracy of information is not an option. With such in mind, the Unique Business Plans team performs an in-depth analysis, uses best practice approaches, and ensures accuracy of information.

Whether a company requires R10 million investment funding or the entrepreneur needs R100 000 start-up capital, the business plan is the base document for introducing the venture to the investors or banks. With the different needs of clients in mind, we provide four types of business plan packages:

  • Comprehensive
  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • High-end

Each of the options is designed to fit the operational environment of the industry in which the client operates. With such, whether for submitting a business plan in support of an application to rezone a piece of land to allow for the set-up of a fuel station or for the purchasing of an existing restaurant, the Unique Business Plans team provides the package that suits the client needs. Get in touch and let us help you make the best possible impression with a business plan that suits your industry and venture needs.

Offering holistic and specialist services at affordable rates.

Trusted and leading business planners specialising in Business Consulting, Business Plan Creation & Business Funding Solutions for start-ups, existing businesses and NPO’s across South Africa. We understand that time is money and that first impressions last. A professionally drafted business plan is essential to differentiating between the success and failure.

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