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How to Create a Business Plan

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How to Create a Winning Business Plan for a Liquor Store in South Africa

Liquor stores, restaurants, fast-food outlets, supermarkets, and fuel stations are among the most popular types of retail commerce in South Africa. Regardless of whether you want to buy or set up any of the mentioned commercial entities, the process starts with outlining the plan for its success. Knowing how to create a business plan is crucial to determine feasibility, costs, prospects, responsibilities, and finance needs.

Indeed, for any food-related entity, you must ensure that the premises is suitable for the serving of food. This also entails applying for the relevant certificate. When it comes to liquor sales, you need to obtain an off-site consumption licence. For a restaurant or pub, you need an on-site consumption licence. Each province differs in terms of its regulations regarding such. For fuel sales, you need a site and retail licence. Even for licence applications, you will need to know exactly how to create a business plan.

The good news is that you do not have to attend a course or use a generic template. We have an extensive team of experts in their fields, and they know how to create a business plan for each commercial entity. They think of factors you may not have considered.

They know how to create a business plan to attract investment and to provide the required information to qualify for a start-up loan or angel funding. The proposal for a liquor store, for instance, includes the:

  • Location of the premises
  • Target audience
  • Immediate competitors
  • Funding needed to start
  • Earning expectations
  • Management of the entity
  • Projected growth
  • Marketing strategy
  • Percentage of the market captured
  • Licences needed
  • Cost of licence applications
  • Training
  • Legislative compliance
  • Inventory requirements
  • Fixture requirements
  • Available funding
  • Your expertise
  • Challenges
  • Demographics of the area
  • Industry background
  • Distributors
  • Cost of goods
  • Proximity of proposed location to educational and religious facilities
  • Intended brand focus
  • Busiest period
  • Staff requirements
  • Security, such as CCTV, drop safe, alarms, and more
  • POS system needs
  • Fire safety
  • Signage needs
  • Insurance needs and costs
  • Occupational health and safety risks
  • Lease costs and arrangements

Extensive research on how to open and manage a liquor store is essential. In addition, you must show knowledge of the relevant laws. Understanding your target market helps to ensure the selection of the correct location.

It is best to call in the experts who know how to create a business plan that is relevant to your choice of commerce. Create the right foundation for success. Get in touch for professional assistance in drafting a winning outline and proposal.

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Trusted and leading business planners specialising in Business Consulting, Business Plan Creation & Business Funding Solutions for start-ups, existing businesses and NPO’s across South Africa. We understand that time is money and that first impressions last. A professionally drafted business plan is essential to differentiating between the success and failure.

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