How did Unique Business Plans become expert Filling Station Business Plan Creators?

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How did Unique Business Plans become expert Filling Station Business Plan Creators?

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I’ve been involved in the fuel and convenience store industry since 2011 after joining the fastest growing C-Store brand, Freshstop (alliance partner with Caltex, currently owned by Astron Energy) as a Franchisee Business Consultant in Pretoria. I joined the group in their early days when they only had a few Freshstop branded stores. Freshstop started in 2009 when they entered into an alliance agreement with Caltex South Africa). Freshstop got the mandate to convert the old Starmart stores into the refreshed Freshstop branded stores. Freshstop is a division of Foodlovers Market, one of the largest food retailers in South Africa, owned and directed by the Coppin brothers. I initially responsible for a region of Starmart / Freshstop @ Caltex branded stores throughout my region that ranged between Pretoria to Phalaborwa (Far North region).

By 2016 I successfully transformed over 25 Starmart stores. For the past 13 years we’ve developed business plans, financial forecasts and conducted concept and financial feasibility studies for multiple filling stations throughout South Africa including brands such as Engen, Caltex, BP, Sasol and Shell. The fuel / filling station industry has always been a very attractive and lucrative industry for investors and entrepreneurs, but the reality is that owning a filling station, of just “getting into the industry” for that matter, comes with extraordinary challenges, risk and sacrifices.  Some which are totally out of your control, some which I still firmly believe is unnecessary in the South African market context. What I mean is, it’s most certainly important for this industry to be regulated considering the fact you are dealing with a very dangerous and sensitive commodity, but certain aspects to open a filling station has become a bit of a nightmare, but I will not go into too much detail at the moment.

In essence I would say it’s best to make contact with the respective oil company’s head office directly if you want to get involved in the industry. They will explain the process and give you proper guidance with regards to the process. It is however very important to make sure you have the necessary unencumbered capital. I would also recommend you have some business experience. Developing a business plan for a filling station is one of the strongest skills my team and I have developed over the years – and it’s something we are very proud of. We are proud to call ourselves experts in this field and constantly help both startup and existing filling station dealers with their business plans. We’ve assisted clients from almost every angle of South Africa.

If you need a business plan developed for your existing filling station, or filling station startup, please contact Michael Joubert at or call 0871832195.

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