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3 Reasons to Use A Business Plan Consultant in Pretoria

You have an excellent idea for a business and need capital funding. You know that you want to establish the entity in Pretoria, but you are not yet sure whether you should write the business plan yourself. Should you hire a consultant to do it for you or assist you with the drafting of the plan? While it may be tempting to use a template, there are many aspects that must be covered in a business plan. To this end, you will benefit from the services offered by an experienced business plan consultant in Pretoria.

Here are three reasons to hire one, as opposed to using a template and the help of family and friends:

  • Objective view. Being too close to a project means not being able to see the bigger picture. You may overlook key aspects of the concept because you are biased. Being biased towards your own concept is natural, but if you ignore essential aspects such as your planned business’s competitors, viability, and the demographics of your target market in Pretoria, you risk losing money, should you go ahead and establish the business. Investors consider all the aspects and even if you window dress the concept to make it attractive, they notice discrepancies. A professional business plan consultant is objective and approaches the concept in a factual manner. This helps you avoid mistakes such as over-projecting income and not considering hidden costs.
  • Expertise on hand. Though you may have exceptional knowledge in your business field, the consultant is an expert in drafting professional business plans. This means that they know what investors want and how to make your business plan applicable. They know which points must be highlighted, how to structure the plan, and how to draft the financial projections.
  • Dedicated team. It takes considerable time to draft a business plan. Do you have the time and the team to do the research? If not, using a consultant helps save time, gets the job done, and ensures accuracy. Demographic research part of the package too. With financial and accounting experts to work with you to draft the plan, you are assured of a professional end-product within the available timeframe. For example, if you require investment funding within the next 30 days, you do not have the luxury of time to draft a business plan. To this end, the resources and expertise offered by professional consultants are invaluable.

Benefit from the expertise of a business plan consultant in Pretoria. Give us a call for professional assistance.

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