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Give Your Restaurant the Right Start – Get Help from a Business Plan Company

Approaching a credible business plan company for help in drafting a proposal should be the first step towards opening a restaurant in South Africa. Indeed, restaurants can be highly profitable, but failure to outline the concept for expenses, competitors, and other factors can cause the restaurant to close within the first year of its operation. As such, it is also a high-risk venture. With that in mind, financial institutions are reluctant to lend money to first-time restaurant owners, especially when it comes to start-ups.

Therefore, making use of the expertise that an experienced business plan company offers can mean the difference between attracting investment funding and not having sufficient funds to open the doors of your dream restaurant.

We briefly discuss some elements to include in the restaurant business plan. Our company has several teams of industry experts, accountants, and auditors to help ensure your business plan includes these and other essentials for a restaurant proposal:

What Makes Your Restaurant Different?

Your company offers a certain brand experience. To survive in the competitive culinary industry, the restaurant must have a unique menu, décor, and overall experience. Elements that can set the restaurant apart from others in the neighbourhood include, but are not limited to:

  • Pricing – affordability.
  • Cuisine focus – French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, South African, seafood, etc.
  • Audience focus – such as family, alternative crowd, gaming community, corporate visitors, etc.
  • Menu options – such as offering the customer the ability to cook their own food or design their own meal from a range of ingredients.
  • Service offering – such as being the only Silver Star restaurant in the area.
  • Value-added services – such as take-away options and deliveries to companies.
  • Unique setting – such as a pyjama lounge and diner for freelance workers or perhaps a mine-themed restaurant.
  • Beverage choices – such as cocktail drinks or gourmet milkshakes.
  • Play area or virtual reality room for the kids.
  • Pet-friendly outdoor area with menu choices for the dogs in addition to a play area for the animals.

Management and Staffing

What are the qualifications of the staff members? Will you be a hands-on owner and manager? How many staff members do you need? What are the proposed operating hours? Staffing needs must be outlined as the labour legislation, costs, training, uniforms, quality of service, and more relate directly to staffing.

Target Audience

One of the critical mistakes associated with the opening of a restaurant is the selection of a venue after the creation of the concept. The truth is that the restaurant theme and unique value proposition must be fitting of its location. If the proposition is not relevant to the people within its immediate catchment area, it will mean more marketing and fewer patrons. You thus need to find a location relevant to your intended target audience and develop your company business plan accordingly. To this end, you need to conduct research on the demographics of the area as well.

The above elements are only a few of the essentials to cover in the business plan. Make use of our company to ensure you do not miss critical elements in the outline. Get in touch for professional assistance in drafting a proposal to attract investment funding.

Offering holistic and specialist services at affordable rates.

Trusted and leading business planners specialising in Business Consulting, Business Plan Creation & Business Funding Solutions for start-ups, existing businesses and NPO’s across South Africa. We understand that time is money and that first impressions last. A professionally drafted business plan is essential to differentiating between the success and failure.

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