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Introducing Michael Joubert, the Co-Founder, Owner, and Senior Business Consultant at Unique Business Plans. Michael’s inspirational journey commenced in Paarl, South Africa, where he faced a challenging upbringing, raised by a single mother with limited family support. Despite these obstacles, his academic prowess shone through during his time at Gymnasium High in Paarl, excelling notably in language, accounting, and mathematics.

At the tender age of 11, Michael’s unwavering commitment to hard work became evident as he volunteered and took on tasks for neighbors to assist in supporting his family. Weekends and holidays were dedicated to helping out at the family business in Yzerfontein, a small town near Cape Town.

In 2002, faced with a tough decision during his Grade 11 exams, Michael made the selfless choice to leave school to support his mother, who relied solely on a state pension and was at risk of losing financial support from a close relative. He moved to Yzerfontein, where he worked as a Shop Keeper and Bar Man for eight months.

In April 2003, Michael relocated to Pretoria East, embarking on a career in the retail industry with a local Kwikspar. His dedication and rapid learning propelled him through the ranks, culminating in his appointment as the General Store Manager of a flagship Superspar in Silverlakes, Pretoria-East, in June 2006. Over the following five years, he adeptly managed this impressive 3,500 sqm store, overseeing a staff of over 110.

Towards the end of 2007, Michael ventured into a partnership to purchase his own Spar & Tops store in North Johannesburg. For nine months, the business exceeded expectations, but it encountered challenges due to the global property market collapse and two major burglaries. Consequently, they had to sell the store in mid-2008.

This marked the inception of Unique Business Plans (UBP).

Over the subsequent 11 years, UBP experienced steady growth, consistently delivering high client satisfaction and achieving double-digit annual growth rates. During this period, Michael briefly rejoined the Silver Oaks Superspar Group in Pretoria-East as a General Manager, orchestrating a successful turnaround by enhancing sales and operations.

In September 2011, Michael joined the Foodlovers Market Head Office Group under their Freshstop Holdings division, assuming the role of Regional Operations Manager. His tenure resulted in significant improvements in productivity, performance, and financial outcomes for Freshstop and Foodlovers Market.

In 2015, Michael and his family returned to Cape Town, where he continued his role as a Regional Operations Manager. UBP’s reputation continued to flourish, securing an exclusive contract for Operational Audits of over 300+ Freshstop Franchisees nationally on a bi-monthly basis, diversifying their business portfolio.

By August 2017, Michael transformed the group’s QSR category into a R273 million per annum with 129 outlets category, achieving an outstanding 97% improvement in just 18 months. He also instituted a National Food Training Program, benefiting over 1000 individuals. UBP secured another major QSR Food Safety and Operations Audit Contract by the end of December 2018, further cementing their position in the industry.

This remarkable growth led Michael to retire from his role as National Food Brands Manager at Freshstop Head Office in December 2019, enabling him to focus his energy entirely on Unique Business Plans. Today, he serves as the Head of Operations and Senior Business Consultant, overseeing a team of 15 staff members and 7 independent contractors.

Unique Business Plans has evolved into a prominent professional business plan creator, specializing in aiding startups, non-profit organizations, and existing businesses across South Africa and Africa. Their services encompass Full Business Startup Assistance, Business Funding Applications, Virtual Assistance, Digital, Paid & Social Media Marketing, Project Management, and Business Support Programs. With a team boasting over 150 years of collective experience, they’ve assisted over 11,000 clients in raising over R76 billion since their inception in 2008.

In exciting news, Unique Business Plans is now in an expansion phase, with ambitious plans to open new offices in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, DRC, New York, Dubai, and London by 2027. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of their extraordinary success story; reach out to them today for a free quotation or to book a consultation.

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Dynamic And Driven TEAM

Unique Business Plans stands as a premier group of professional Business Plan Consultants headquartered in South Africa. Our dynamic and technologically innovative team, coupled with our high-performance systems, empowers us to provide expert assistance to clients not only across South Africa but also on a global scale

Michael Joubert Business Consultant
Michael Joubert
Business Owner | Business Consultant
Passionate Retail Operations Expert, Business Owner at Unique Business Plans, Property Investor & current MBA Candidate. Assisting SME’s with their Business Idea Development, Planning, Funding, Growth, Full Digital & Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Startups Development, Feasibility Studies, Demographical Studies, Business Funding Solutions, Business Consulting & Coaching needs. Michael has over 15 years Retail Operations Management experience within various managerial roles. In 2008 he started Unique Business Plans and have assisted over 12,000 clients raise over R81 billion in business funding, built 75+ brick & mortar stores and developed over 6500+ business plans, 750+ feasibility studies and 200+ demographical studies since. A highly disciplined and natural leader. A loyal, humble, open minded, honest, trustworthy & ethical person that works well in a group and unsupervised sole environment. He is an expert in B2B, B2C sales & e-Commerce sales, business inno
Charlotte Freeman
Client Relations Manager
Charlotte brings over 25 years of administrative, sales and manufacturing experience to the table. With a passion for people, client relations and sales Charlotte head of sales department and client relationships.
Philip Van Niekerk
Project Manager
Philip has built an outstanding career in both the corporate and consulting environments. From a solid academic base (BCom and MBL), he has been active in numerous large- and small-scale projects in executive and advisory capacities, achieving impressive success in industry. He has more than 25 years’ experience in developing business plans for emerging entrepreneurs.
Dr. Christa Joubert
Support Consultant
Dr. Christa Joubert

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